Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month

About 1.3 million women survive violence every year, but only 25% report it.

Events on Campus:

Wednesday, April 6th: The Clothesline Project

Where: On Campus, courtyard between JEM and St. Ed's

8:00am-7:00pm (weather permitting)

The Clothesline Project was started in 1990 by the Cape Cod's Women's Agenda. Their intention was to create awareness, pay respect to those who have survived sexual assault and sexual violence, and offer an outlet for the survivors.

They invite anyone who has been affected by sexual violence to come together and create a memorial through designing their own t-shirt, to express what they are feeling inside and then put them on public display for all the outside to see-"airing of society's dirty laundry."
I have been a part of The Clothesline Project in the past here in Vermont and it is a very powerful movement-if you can take even a few minutes out of your day to stop by the display, you'll find it very moving...feel free to ask questions or even make a t-shirt of your own.

Sunday, April 10th: Run for the Congo Women

Run, Walk, or Volunteer

The situation in the Congo is a very devastating one-an absolute human rights violation. Rape and torture is used daily as a weapon of war and the purpose of events such as the Run for the Congo is to draw even more attention to the situation in the Congo and to raise money for an organization that directly serves the needs of the women of this war torn country.

This event is this Sunday

Registration fee is $15 adults/$12 for students and kids

Where: On Campus
Proceeds will go to Women for Women International
Time: Starts at 10:00, Register before on website or the day of at 9:00

For further details on the event, check out their website:

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