Monday, February 21, 2011

National Eating Disorders Week

Did everyone get a chance to check out the Health Services table in Alliot this afternoon?

If not, I will recap a bit on the awareness we are trying to create on the St. Mike's campus about eating disorders because this is National Eating Disorder Week.

I was watching the Today Show the other morning and they had a great panel discussion on the growing concern of eating disorders, some of the driving forces, and how it is very much related to self-esteem. They were saying that 90% of women say at least one negative comment about their physical appearance every single day and the average American women actually puts themselves down 13 times a day.

13 times!!

A poor self body image and low self-esteem is many times a precursor for the deadliest mental eating disorder.
What is an Eating Disorder?
-An eating disorder is when a person obsesses over their weight and food, whether it be an insufficent or excessive intake of food--any abnormal eating habits.

This is a serious issue among college-aged students.

Did you know? 1 out of 4 college-aged women has an eating disorder?

I will highlight 3 here.

Anorexia-not eating enough to keep a healthy weight body weight

Physical Warning Signs:
  • weight loss

  • loss of menstrual cycle

  • extreme fear of gaining weight

  • tired and weak

  • depress, low self-esteem
Eventually...anorexia can lead to:
  • damage to heart, brain, and kidneys

  • not able to have children

  • brittle, weak bones

  • problems with hair, nails, and skin

  • death from cardiac arrest, starvation
Bulimia-eating too much in one sitting then vomiting, taking laxatives or exercising a lot to get rid of the food

Physical Warning Signs:
  • usually at or near normal weight

  • teeth lose enamel, cheeks swell, hands and fingers start to calluse

  • loss of menstrual cycle

  • tired and weak, fainting

  • depressed, low self-esteem
Eventually...bulimia can lead to:
  • erratic heartbeat and heart damage

  • cramping, constipation, or nausea

  • irritation or bleeding of the throat from vomiting

  • problems with hair, nails, skin

  • brittle, weak bones

  • death from cardiac arrest or ruptured stomach
Binge Eating-eating too much at one time on a regular basis

Physical Warning Signs:
  • usually overweight, obese

  • feels out of control

  • frequent weight changes

  • depressed, low self-esteem
Eventually...binge eating can lead to:
  • damaged overall health

  • increase risk for type 2 diabetes

  • increased risk for heart disease

Did you know: if BARBIE were to be proportionately turned into an actual size person, she would be 6 feet tall, 100 lbs, and wear a size 4. She would have a 21' waist.

That is NOT normal. According to her measurements, she would not even be able to hold her head, neck, or back up. She would literally have to crawl. She would not have her monthly period either.

Why are we idolizing Barbie? She can, in no way, be real. She's a piece of plastic.

Love Your Body, Love Your Life*

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